Sous la LUmière des cultures


La francophonie dans tous ses états!

Urumuri association presents its 3rd edition "Sous la Lumière des Cultures" within the framework of the "Semaine de la langue française et de la francophonie" and "Semaine de lutte contre le racisme". Artists from different cultures, A show combining humor, French songs, juggling and music in the Francophonie! ... It's "la Francophonie dans tous ses états" Urumuri has participated in the anti-racism week for 20 years, convinced that art and culture bring people together!

Francophonie in Music and songs

Guy Sansonnens

Guy Sansonnens write and sing. He won two first prizes in competitions in French-speaking Switzerland. Song and poetry never left him. With deep roots, he promote authenticity, relationships and the quest for awareness with always LOVE in focus. Death and resurrection! He takes pleasure in revealing and praising Ordinary Beauty and the little nothings that carry everything! No judgment, just stubbornness to serve the emotion and intelligence of life. In his songs we even find successful marriages of humor.

"Le piano jonglant"

Vicente Montezuma

Vicente Montezuma, pianist from Tbilisi, Georgia. He studies the direction of choirs and chamber ensembles. He arranges and composes chamber music and for video games. In 2008, he won 2nd place with “Oceans Pearl” at the Saint Petersburg Festival in Russia. He currently gives performances in Switzerland and offers piano lessons.

Joëlle Huguenin

Joelle Huguenin, an artist of Swiss origin, won the 1st prize in the female category at the World Juggling Federation in Las Vegas at the age of 18. After traveling through African lands alone by bicycle in 2019-2020, she is back on stage ten years later with a different desire to share her art. Managing projects at Urumuri association, she notably implemented a training project for the youth in Rwanda, Ride for the Future – Bike for Peace.

Tickets are available

Limited places

25 mars 2023

Adult : CHF 20.-
Student/AVS/AI : CHF 12.-
Kid (-16 years): CHF 8.-